About us @3dilusso.uk

Our company

3dilusso.uk™ is a Trademark of Simply FabS Ltd, registered in 2013.
Its aim is to select distinctive products for dissenting customers who are seeking premium quality products at competitive prices.

We can guarantee that thanks to the high efficiency and effectiveness of our supply chain, we can deliver all products in stock directly to our customers in less than 24 hours. All products are sources directly from selected manufactures and producers, who are interested to build mutual trust with our customers. Our marketplace helps genuine businesses to easily tell us which products they want to promote and we will do the rest to write descriptive descriptions, take photos and publish them online. 

Our operational culture is based on customer’s focus. Therefore, all our customers are reassured that only those products and businesses which have been previously assessed by our evaluation team will be listed and we will inform our customers according to their email preferences.  

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team

Two Apulian docs, two lovers of typical products of the tradition of our native land: 

Mario DI MODUGNO, from Bari (Puglia-Italy), with a great passion for London. And, during one of my trips to this wonderful city, I met Fabio PADUANELLI, from Terlizzi, but a Londoner who has been adopted by the city for more than 20 years.

This chance meeting gave birth to a good friendship, which also resulted in a working relationship. Our collaboration aimed at commercializing typical products of Puglia, a region in the south of Italy, rich in resources and traditions: sea, craftsmanship, history, art, but above all quality food and wine.

Wine, oil, taralli are just some of the excellences of our Earth. The predominantly Mediterranean climate is, in fact, favourable for the cultivation of raw materials (wheat, olives, grapes, ...) which are the basic ingredients of these "typical" products.

We have known "foreigners", on holiday in Puglia, who have been completely "kidnapped", as well as by the spectacular landscape of our territory, also by the goodness of the local food and wine products, disappointed that they were not to be able to taste these “Italian delicatessen" even in their own Nation.

Furthermore, we have also thought of those Italians / Apulians who have established themselves abroad and who are forced to renounce the taste of these products.

For this reason our idea to set up "3dilusso", a company thanks to which anyone can order, with a simple click, the Apulian food and wine products and receive them, quickly, directly at home or in their own business.

We have been looking for quality products and for this reason we have decided to rely on small local companies that follow the recipes of ancient tradition and use genuine ingredients.

We just have to embark on this new adventure with the hope of being able, in the future, to expand our "horizons" even to products from other Italian and foreign regions.

An idea that becomes a concrete project!!!


“All products ordered so far were excellent! Fast delivery and great customers services. We will order more soon."
Sarah Smith - London

"I have finally found a company where to buy typical products of my origin. I can ensure that the prices are cheaper than the prices I paid for products I used to buy there. Not to mention the extra costs to carry bigger languages on the plane."
Tony Barione - Brighton